Frequently Asked Questions

WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE ARTIST IN RESIDENCE SCHOLARSHIPS? Qualified artists as well as artists taking a non-academic path in life which led them to Urban and New Contemporary Art, and who have already appeared before the public in the form of works or publications. We also provide support to young talent (students). The AIR grants have no age limit.

CAN I APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP EVEN IF I DON‘T LIVE IN GERMANY? Yes. Artists from EU member states can apply. The application process and further communication will be made in German or English.

DO I NEED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP OF AN EU MEMBER STATE? When applying, please provide us with your citizenship. Additionally, please submit official proof of your current address (copy of official photographic ID, copy of a residence registration form).

CAN I USE REFERENCES FROM ABROAD FOR MY APPLICATION? You can submit references from abroad so long as they are written in English.

WHAT LANGUAGE CAN THE DOCUMENTS BE IN? We will accept application documents in German and English.

WILL I BE NOTIFIED ONCE I HAVE SENT MY APPLICATION? Once we have received your application documents, you will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.

WHO CARRIES OUT THE PRE-SELECTION AFTER THE APPLICATION? The Berliner Leben foundation checks the formal requirements and compatibility of the project submitted with regards to content using the funding priorities expressed in the advertisement. Furthermore, the viability of the project submitted, among others, is assessed in consideration of organisational and financial factors.

WHO MAKES THE DECISION ON THE AWARD? An international assembled panel of experts decides whom to award the scholarship to. The panel is only presented with completed applications.

HOW AND WHEN WILL I FIND OUT IF MY APPLICATION WAS SUCCESSFUL? We will let you know no later than one week after the selection meeting whether or not you will be receiving the scholarships.

DO I NEED TO DECLARE THE SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENT ON MY TAX RETURN? According to our information, Artist in Residence scholarship payments are unremarkable with regards to tax. Therefore, you do not need to declare this on your tax return.

WILL I BE TOLD OF THE REASONS IN THE EVENT OF REJECTION? Due to the large quantity of applications received, we are unable to provide individual feedback.

DOES IT COST ANYTHING TO APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP? The application is free of charge. Provided that the application is approved, the scholars will only be required to cover the costs of travel to and from Berlin (Bülowstr.) and a security deposit amount of 300 Euros.


HOW DO I RECEIVE POST IF MY CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS CHANGES? If your correspondence address changes, you must ensure that any post is forwarded to you. Please let us know of your address in good time should it change permanently.

WHAT OBLIGATIONS DO I HAVE TO MEET AS A SCHOLAR? It is important to us that scholars develop during the scholarship. We expect scholars - to expand on the points in the programme for the URBAN NATION Museum in the form of a workshop, lecture or similar programme format for the general public during the course of the scholarship, - to be present at the final presentation of work results, - to be prepared for a cultural and artistic exchange with the Berliner Leben foundation and other reative artists.

I AM CURRENTLY SPONSORED BY ANOTHER AUTHORITY. CAN I STILL APPLY? The scholar is authorised to receive state or private funding which does not exceed the ceiling of €450 a month. Possible sponsorship, which runs at the same time as the Artist in Residence scholarship must be communicated to the Berliner Leben foundation immediately.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE FUNDING FOR THE SAME PROJECT FROM ANOTHER PUBLIC INSTITUTION? No. You may not apply with a project that you are already receiving support for.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE FUNDING GUIDELINES? Funding guidelines can be downloaded here.

DO I HAVE TO PAY BACK MY SCHOLARSHIP? No, provided that you comply with the participation conditions which are specified in the funding guidelines, you will not be required to pay back your scholarship.

WILL I RECEIVE A HEALTH INSURANCE ALLOWANCE? No, you will receive no additional allowances other than those stated in the funding guidelines.

WHO CAN ACCESS MY DATA? Only employees of the Berliner Leben foundation have access to any personal data. Documents relating to the project, and no personal data, are presented to members of the selection committee. Funding from the Berliner Leben foundation complies with the data protection provisions applicable in Germany. The data will not be passed on to third parties. The data will only be used for the purposes of selecting and supporting scholars. Any additional uses require an additional agreement.


The application is open until: 31.07.2020.

Hier können Sie sich für eine Projektförderung durch die Stiftung Berliner Leben bewerben. Haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass wir nur Anträge bearbeiten, deren Unterlagen uns vollständig und korrekt vorliegen. Ein Rechtsanspruch auf Förderung durch die Stiftung besteht nicht. Frühester Förderbeginn ist im Januar des folgenden Jahres.

Download FörderrichtlinienDownload Antragsformular

Folgende Unterlagen müssen zur Entscheidung über die Förderung hochgeladen werden:

  • Vollständig ausgefülltes Antragsformular
  • Aktueller Frei- bzw. Feststellungsbescheid
  • Zusätzliche Dokumente falls notwendig zur Illustration des Projektes

Bitte beachten Sie folgende Voraussetzungen für eine Förderung durch die Stiftung Berliner Leben und bestätigen diese:

General Notes

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1. Personal Information




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2. Projektbeschreibung

Die Projektbeschreibung soll Informationen enthalten, mit denen sich Charakter und Bedeutung des Projektes aussagekräftig und übersichtlich verdeutlichen lassen. Bitte führen Sie in diesem Abschnitt mit dem Projekt in Verbindung stehenden Förderer und/oder Kooperationspartner auf.

Project title

Das Projekt muss mindestens einem der Satzungszwecke der Stiftung Berliner Leben entsprechen:
Mindestens zwei der Förderschwerpunkte der Stiftung Berliner Leben müssen auf das Projekt zutreffen:

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3. Dateien und Dokumente

Hier können Sie neben dem vollständig ausgefüllten Antragsformular und dem aktuellen Frei- bzw. Feststellungsbescheid weitere Dokumente zur Verfügung stellen, die zum Verständnis des Projekts hilfreich sind. Sie haben die Möglichkeit bis zu 10 Dateien/Dokumente hochzuladen.

Aktueller Frei- bzw. Feststellungsbescheid


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